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that star is moving....

:This is an extended/edited version of my post on my journal:

The hood of the car was warm and the distant radiance of the stars above shone down on my face. The moon was brighter than last night's but still chose to show only have its face. Hiding something.

The faint glow of the street lamp seemed to envelop us in a little bubble of safety and protection. I stared at the sky and heard the hum of people's voices and the steady buzzing of the various insects. And I knew I wasnt alone.

The fireflies danced in the darkness around me as if they were saying "it will be okay, it will be okay."

A shiver ran up my arms as the coldness of night set in. But the warmth of the still engine ignited my back and my legs as it fought off the goosebumps.

My eyes shut and I see nothing but I feel so much. My mind is at ease and I think of nothing but the peace I feel within.

A lone bright star, blinks against the sky and to me its moving, over to a better place, a new place. A glance, a whisper of the wind in my ear, I feel a shimmer of hope rising within me.

The single man stands in the empty field tossing the burning wand of orange high into the sky. Throw it higher I want to say, higher until it reaches the edge and we can no longer look back. Let's fly away, maybe if we go fast enough we can go straight to the stars. Dont look back now, what do we have to loose?

I look again to the moon, my beacon of hope. I think it will be okay now. This one is ours. Heaven is waiting, this is ours, this is ours.

How strange it is to find peace on the hood of parked car, under the basking glow of the street lamp.

So this is what it is to feel alive.
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