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my soul sleeps in beams of light

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once again i found myself standing in these empty field. its growing dark again, and the air has cooled so that now i feel the hair on my arm standing at end.

the grass waves at me, as if i should notice it. my hair moves into my eyes but i dont care. all i can see are the streaks on the sky and the tall strength of the trees.

i feel your presence even if i cant see you. the sky grows darker still, and the stars yearn to reflect in our eyes, just as the moon strives to embrace us.

the sun, orange and red with its anger, its resentment, finally gives in and the calming blanket of the dark sets in. the twinkling in the sky, only says to me that, all worries must leave now.

the wind whispers in my ear, and i feel a tickle go down my back. it says "run, and dont look back." i am trying, i say back, i scream at the sky. my feet are hitting the ground and i close my eyes. dont look back, dont look back.

beautiful disaster, thats what they will say. better than giving up, there is always something to build upon, even if its not much.

the moon is on my back, and i feel its warmth and its approval. it smiles, the man in the moon grins down at my running form. dont give up, dont give up.

have courage, this is ours remember? this night is ours. your running next me, but i dont look to check, i just know.
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