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on my lunch break

i was on my lunch break the other day at work and was just sitting outside jotting down some observations. i don't know if it makes sense or not but i thought this was an appropriate place to display it.

on my lunch break...

sitting. staring. the bench is uncomfortable. people enter and exit through glass doors. i was watching and listening and doing nothing. absorbed by the sounds. church bells, not rung by hang but played by machine. are they real or just an echo, previously recorded. no room for mistakes. i was pulled in by the bells. they were beautiful. i couldn't just enjoy it. i analyzed it. sought out the falseness. there is joy in the world, not everything has to be a lie. play me a song so that i might forget the troubles in my mind. the sound stops. no prayers answered. songs replaced by cars, the horns. they're angry.

the woman in the black dress walked in front of the car pulled curbside. the woman, twenty years his junior, was unaware of the eyes. the man, eyebrows raised, spoke out of his window calling to her. she acknowledged but still walked on. the man waits again. discouraged. he looks at his watch.

"sorry it took so long," his wife apoligizes as she gets in the car. so drive away now to your life. it's what you always wanted. barbie never had it so good. houses in suburbs, 2.5 kids. it's what you always wanted. a real life, a perfect life. you're blind.

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